Cargo is the easiest, most powerful way to create, store and sell digital collectibles.

Welcome! Cargo is a secure platform you can use to create, manage, display and sell rare crypto art, tradable blockchain gaming items, secure tickets, access tokens and other digital items to support your business or project.

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Features include:

  • Cargo is thoroughly tested, secure and scalable.

  • You can tie digital files and collectibles to our encrypted storage space, ensuring only the owner can access.

  • Our patented technology enables you to create and manage a limitless amount of collectibles - you can create one or one billion - at a cost that works for you. All while adhering the the ERC-721 standard.

  • Cargo fully leverages blockchain technology, meaning the digital collectibles you own on other blockchain platforms can also be managed through Cargo and your Cargo dashboard.

  • You can manage your digital collectibles using our robust Cargo JavaScript library, enabling you to create custom applications to further support your project.

  • With Cargo's marketplace functionality you can create dynamic reseller markets supporting multiple vendors and beneficiaries.

  • Our marketplace feature also allows you to automatically pay multiple parties predetermined commissions for sold items. You can also collect application fees when vendors sell items from your showcase.

Terms you should know.


A collection is a group of digital collectibles on the blockchain. When you create a collection, Cargo deploys an ERC-721 smart contract to the blockchain representing that collection. For example a collection can contain a group of digital trading cards.


A collectible is a single item within a collection. If you have a collection of digital trading cards, then a collectible would be one individual card.


A showcase is the place to show off and sell your collectibles. Showcases can include multiple collections. They can be public or private.

Collectibles within showcases can be viewed, transferred or sold. You can invite vendors to your showcase and allow them to add collections to your showcase. For example you can build a showcase that includes the work of different artists.


You can add vendors to your showcases. Vendors can create collections and sell collectibles within their given showcases.


Beneficiaries are those who will automatically receive a payout when a vendor’s collectible is sold. Vendors can add up to ten beneficiaries to an account.

Interacting with Cargo

Now that you understand Cargo, it's time to start building your decentralized application. This documentation will outline how you can interact with Cargo in the following ways:

The Cargo Dashboard

The Cargo dashboard is a graphical user interface that will allow you to create digital collectibles and showcases, manage vendors and beneficiaries, and more.

​Cargo JS​

Cargo offers Cargo JS - a JavaScript library that you can use to interact with Cargo through your own application.