Cargo Metadata

Cargo has a unique metadata structure to support audio, video, and 3D files.

Cargo extends the ERC-721 metadata shape to be able to support audio, video, and 3D files. If you would like to display Cargo's metadata on your platform, or if you'd like to create a collectible on another platform and would like Cargo to support audio, video, or 3D please use the following metadata structure:

Supported file types

Audio - MP3

Video - MP4, WEBM

3D - GLB, GLTF files + Associated files

Cargo Metadata Structure

// TypeScript type
type Metadata = {
// Standard ERC-721 fields
name: string;
image: string;
description: string;
// Cargo specific fields
cargoDisplayContent: {
type: "3D" | "audio" | "video";
// Array of files
// 3D files can have multiple files. There will be one .gltf file which
// may have associated files.
files: string[];
// 3D files have some additonal customizable options
// Set initial camera position
position?: {
x: number;
y: number;
z: number;
// You can set the background using valid css values
cssBackground?: {
backgroundColor?: string;
backgroundImage?: string;
backgroundPosition?: string;
backgroundSize?: string;
backgroundRepeat?: string;