Creating A Crate Page

So you've created a crate, a contract, and you've minted some tokens. Now it's time to create a crate page.

Creating a crate video walkthrough

Creating a crate page allows you to easily showcase your tokenized assets to your consumers where they can view, buy, store, and sell the assets belonging to each contract in that crate. Creating a crate page is easy. Select the crate you wish to create a crate page for from your list of crates. Click the "Create crate page" button located, on the right hand of the screen (or bottom depending on your screen size).

After clicking the "Create crate page" button you will be redirected to a new screen where you can enter information about your crate. I will explain each input field:

Name - This will be used to create a URL for your crate page. This will not be displayed on your crate page, but will be visible (in a URL safe version) in the users browser address bar. So if you enter "My cool crate" your URL will become

Headline - The headline will be displayed in large text in the center of your crate page.

Description - The description will be displayed in smaller text below the headline.

URL - The URL will be displayed as a link below the headline. You can use this link to guide your users to your website. This is not required.

After you have filled in the required information you're ready to create your page. Click the "Create crate page" button and a MetaMask popup will appear asking for your signature. You may wonder why we need this. Cargo values your anonymity and doesn't require you to authenticate with a user name or password. The only way the Cargo servers can determine you are who you say you are is to validate your signature.

When you create your page you will be redirected to the crate detail page. You will see your page URL in place of where you saw the initial "Create crate page" button.