Creating Your First Contract

After completing the previous guide you should now have created a crate. You can access your crate by going to and clicking on the blue arrow to the right of the crate number. Once you click the arrow you will be on the crate detail screen. You can navigate to different crates and create new crates by opening the menu at the top right of the screen, or you can click on the My Crates link in the navigation bar.

Note: This video is out of date. You now have to option to select a Cargo ERC-721 contract, or a Cargo Batch Mint ERC-721 contract.

Creating a contract video walkthrough

Once on the crate detail screen you can create a new contract by clicking the blue "Create contract" button. Once you click that button you will be taken to a page where you will set the name and symbol of your contract and specify if there will be a limited number of tokens that can be minted.

Name - this is the name of your contract that can be used to identify your contract to your users. Once you create a contract it will have a unique address that can be used in addition to the name to verify authenticity.

Symbol - The symbol for your contract is optional.

Limit number of tokens - This only applies for Cargo ERC-721 contracts, not Cargo Batch Mint ERC-721 contracts. If you check the "Limit number of tokens" checkbox you will be able to specify the maximum number of tokens that can be minted within this contract. For example if you plan to use the contract to mint an image of a pizza and you only want ten pizzas to ever be created you can create a pizza contract and limit the number of tokens to 10. Then there will be no way to create more than ten pizzas using this contract.

Once you have filled out the information click "Create contract". A MetaMask transaction popup will appear and will have you confirm the transaction. Cargo doesn't take any fee for creating contracts, but you will need to pay the gas fee.

After submitting your contract transaction your will get a confirmation that it was submitted. After the transaction is complete another notification will appear on your screen and the contract will show up within the crate detail page.