Creating Collectibles
Cargo makes it easy to create digital collectibles.
When you create digital collectibles with Cargo you have two options. You can:
  • Create a collectible within the Cargo collection.
  • Create your own collection and then create collectibles within that collection.

Create a Single Collectible

You have the option to create a one-off collectible within the Cargo Collection. This is a pre-made collection that the Cargo community can share to reduce costs. These collectibles will show up along side with other collectibles Cargo members have created, but you can sell your tokens individually in the marketplace from within a showcase you've created.
This could be beneficial if you don't need an entire collection, but you'd rather just create one collectible and still get the benefits of Cargo like being able to lock content within your collectible, share and sell your collectible. You will pay less in transaction fees because you won't need to deploy your own collection to the blockchain - you will only need to pay a transaction fee for the creation of the collectible plus one Cargo credit.

Create a Collection

You also have the option to create your own collection. Once you create a collection you will be able to create as many collectibles as you want within your collection as long as you have an equivalent amount of Cargo credits. One Cargo credit equals one creation of a collectible. Creating your own contract unlocks batch creation and metadata updates. You can create as many collectibles as you want in one transaction as long as you have the Cargo credits. If you have 500 credits you will be able to create 500 collectibles in one transaction if you choose. You also get access to updating the metadata of each collectible. You can update the metadata of a collectible individually through your dashboard, or you can use Cargo JS to bulk update collectible metadata.
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Last modified 28d ago