Adding Collectibles to the Marketplace

After you have created a showcase and added collectibles to that showcase you are ready to add your digital collectibles to the Cargo marketplace. You will only be able to sell digital collectibles in the Cargo marketplace that you own.

Step 1 - Publish your showcase to the marketplace

Go to your showcase that contains the collectibles you'd like to include in the marketplace and toggle the "Publish to Marketplace" switch.

Toggle the Publish to Marketplace switch

Step 2 - Choose collectibles to sell

After you've completed step one now it's time to choose which collectibles to sell within your showcase. First click on the collection that contains the collectibles you wish to sell.

Step 3 - Open the collectible detail panel

Once you've clicked on the collection containing the collectible you'd like to sell - find the collectible and click on it to open the collectible detail panel.

Click on the collectible you'd like to sell

Step 4 - Mark the collectible for sale

Once you've opened the collectible detail panel click on the "Edit" tab and toggle the "Marked for sale" switch"

Step 5 - Enter price, choose showcase, save

After you toggle the Marked for sale switch you will have the option to set the price and select the showcase for which the collectible will show up within in the marketplace. For a collectible to show up in the marketplace you MUST select a showcase to sell within.

If this is the first time you are selling a collectible from this collection you will be prompted to complete a transaction which enables to sell on your behalf.

Step 6 - Celebrate 🎉