Creating an Account
This guide will walk you through creating an account on Cargo.
Creating an account on Cargo is easy! You have the option to control your own account using something like MetaMask, or if you are unfamiliar with options like MetaMask, Cargo integrated with Fortmatic to make it easy to sign up for a secure account that will hold all of your digital collectibles.
If you would like to use xDai on Cargo you will need to sign up using MetaMask.

Step 1 - Go to the Cargo Dashboard

You can get to the Cargo dashboard from If you have an extension like MetaMask installed in your browser then you will be prompted to choose if you want your current provider (MetaMask) or Fortmatic to control your account. If you do not have a Web3 extension like MetaMask installed then you will be automatically prompted to sign up with Fortmatic - which will be easy and intuitive.

Without something like MetaMask you will be prompted to sign up/sign in with Fortmatic:

With something like MetaMask:

Step 2 - Sign a message

After completing Step 1 you will be required to sign a message to prove that you are the owner of the current Ethereum wallet. This is completely secure and doesn't cost anything. This uses cryptography and is more secure than a password - neat!

Step 3 - Finalize your account

After completing Step 2 you will be prompted to finalize your account. Here you will enter a username that will act as your identity on Cargo. If you did not use Fortmatic to sign up you will also be prompted for an email address.

Step 4 - Celebrate ๐ŸŽ‰

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