Creating Collectibles

This guide will show you how to create digital collectibles on Cargo.

Step 1

Once you have signed in to your Cargo account you will be in your Dashboard. If you have collected digital collectibles from outside of Cargo they will show up here after Cargo has searched the blockchain for your existing collectibles. If you have no collectibles the screen will look like the image below. Click the "Create collectibles" button to get started.

Step 2 - Create a single collectible, or collection

When your click the "Create collectibles" button from this screen you will be prompted to choose between a single collectible and a collection. To learn more about the difference go to the Creating Collectibles section in the introduction.

If you choose to Create a collection you will first be prompted to enter the collection's name and symbol. A collection is a special ERC-721 smart contract deployed to the Ethereum blockchain - so you will need to submit a transaction to create a collection. Once your transaction has completed you will be able to enter your collection and create collectibles within in.

Step 3 - Create the collectible

If you chose to Create a Single Collectible from the previous step you will see the following screen right away. If you chose to Create a Collection you will need to enter you new collection and click the Create new collectibles button from within your collection.

Let's break this screen down:

Name of your collectible - this is the name of your new collectible(s).

Description of your collectible - This is the description for your collectible(s).

How many collectibles do you want to create? - This field determines how many collectibles will be created during this transaction. If you chose Create a Single Collectible in the previous step you will not be able to modify this field. Multiple collectibles can only be created in a collection that you have created. If you create multiple collectibles during this transaction they will share then same name and description, but this can be updated for all the collectibles you create after creation.

What address do you want to send your collectible(s) to? This is the Ethereum address your collectibles will be sent to after creation. By default this is your address.


Add a display image for you collectible This is where you can upload a publicly viewable image for your collectible. This image can be the main image for your collectible, or it could be a preview image representing what the collectible is and you can lock files within the collectible, or upload audio, video, or a 3D model.

In addition to the display image you can choose to upload one of these file formats that will also be publicly displayed:

Audio Cargo supports MP3 audio files.

Video Cargo supports MP4 and WEBM video files. The display image will be used as a still image before the video is played.

3D Cargo supports GLTF files for 3D. GLTF files usually contain multiple files - upload the GLTF file and ALL the associated files.

Files to lock within the collectible Cargo allows you to lock digital content within your collectibles that only the owner of the collectible will be able to unlock. This means you could upload a sample of a song and the full song could be locked within the collectible that's only accessible after the collectible is purchased. You can lock whatever content you want within the collectible. ZIP files are not allowed - if you have multiple files add all of them here and Cargo will automatically ZIP the files for you.

Enter custom metadata This is where you can add custom metadata for you collectible. This is an advanced feature and if you don't know what you are doing leave it alone. Metadata will be merged with the "name" and "description" fields that you entered previously. This can be changed later if you own the collection these collectibles are being created in.

After you have filled in all the information about your collectible click "Create collectible(s)".

This may take a moment if you are uploading large files. After you files have been uploaded you will be prompted to submit a transaction. After you submit the transaction you will be redirected and Cargo will show a notification when your collectibles have been created!