Creating NFTs on Ethereum
  • Cargo account using MetaMask or Fortmatic. Learn how to set up an account here.
  • Add ETH to your wallet. You can transfer ETH to your wallet address from exchanges like Coinbase.
  • Make sure your wallet is connected the Ethereum Mainnet
Once you have completed the prerequisites log into your Cargo dashboard. If you are using MetaMask make sure you are connected to Ethereum Mainnet.

Step 1 - Create a Project on Ethereum

Creating a project is easy. Click the "Create your first project" button and choose Ethereum.
Click "Create your first project"
Select Ethereum
You will be prompted to enter your project's details. From their you can create your project and will be asked to submit an Ethereum transaction. The gas price may be higher than you are used to because you are deploying your own ERC-721 + 2309 smart contract to the Ethereum smart contract.
After the transaction completes it may take a minute for Cargo to pick up on your new project. A notification will appear which provides a link to your new project. You could also refresh the page and see your project.

Step 2 - Create your NFTs

Now that you have a project created you can learn to create your NFTs by following the Using the NFT Creation Wizard guide.​
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