Creating NFTs on xDai
Combine xDai's fast and affordable transactions with Cargo's batch minting technology and you get massively scalable NFTs.
  • MetaMask account. In order to interact with the xDai chain you will need to download MetaMask. After you download MetaMask you will need to ensure that you use it to create a Cargo account. If you already created a Cargo account using Fortmatic you can create a new account using MetaMask and a different email address.
  • Add xDai network to MetaMask. You can easily add xDai to MetaMask after signing into Cargo and clicking "Connect to xDai" in the Connection Manager in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also manually add the network to MetaMask by following this guide.
  • Fund wallet with xDai. You can swap Dai for xDai using various methods. Follow this guide to use the xDai bridge.
  • Make sure your wallet is connected the xDai network.
Once you have completed the prerequisites log into your Cargo dashboard and connect to the xDai network.

Step 1 - Create a Project on xDai

Creating a project is easy. Click the "Create your first project" button and choose xDai.
Click "Create your first project"
Select xDai
Fill in your project details and click "Create Project"
After clicking "Create project" you will be prompted to submit a transaction on the xDai network. If you are used to Ethereum gas fees you will jump for joy at this point.
After the transaction completes it may take a minute for Cargo to pick up on your new project. A notification will appear which provides a link to your new project. You could also refresh the page and now see your project.

Step 2 - Create your NFTs

Now that you have a project created you can learn to create your NFTs by following the Using the NFT Creation Wizard guide.​
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