Using the NFT Creation Wizard
Using Cargo's NFT Creation Wizard is easy! After you have created a project, go to the project page and click the "Create new NFTs" button.
This will open the NFT Creation Wizard. You can use the Wizard to create many NFTs as once. You can save your work and come back later as well.

Types of Files

There are two categories of files you can associate with your NFT, public facing and private. Public facing files would include:
  • Display image - this is a public facing image for your NFT.
  • Additional display content - This is additional public facing content. Cargo currently supports audio, video, and 3D files.
Under the heading "Files to lock within collectible" you can drop private content. You can add multiple files here. Any type of file can be dropped here. Cargo will zip the files and encrypt the content for you. Only the owner of the NFT will be able to unlock and download the content.

Adding Many NFTs

Cargo's NFT Creation Wizard allows you to create many NFTs at once and you only have to submit one transaction on the chain of your choosing. You can click the "Add Another" button to create a new NFT.


When you are ready to create your NFTs you can click the "Save and Continue" button. You will be asked where you would like to send your NFTs. By default they will be sent to your current wallet address.
Once you submit the transaction your NFTs will be created. It may take some time for all the your NFTs to be finalized. During that time you may see some "blank" NFTs while the NFT metadata is populated.
Last modified 28d ago