Showcase Visibility

Publishing to the Marketplace

When you click "Publish to Marketplace" for one of you showcases within your Dashboard two things will happen:

  1. All items for sale within your showcase will be visible in the public marketplace.

  2. A public page will be generated for your showcase which you can link to to display all collectibles in your showcase regardless of if they are for sale or not.

Allowing Others to Sell

After you have published your showcase to the marketplace you will have the option to "Allow others to sell". This toggle switch will appear only after publishing your showcase to the marketplace. Enabling this will allow other Cargo users to sell and resell items in your showcase. These users will only be able to sell collectibles from collections that you have added to your showcase.

If you decide to allow others to sell within your showcase, any time a user sells a collectible from a collection within your showcase they will see your showcase as an option to sell in. This can help you gain exposure for your showcase and if you have a popular showcase you can help others gain exposure for their collectibles.

Commission Fees

If you chose to "Allow others to sell" then the commission drop down field will be enabled. Initially the commission fee for sales in your showcase will be zero. You have the option to take a commission fee for each sale in your showcase up to 20%.