What is a Showcase?

A showcase is your personal place to show off and sell digital collectibles. You can add any collection in which you own collectibles in - or that you created. The entire collection will be added to the showcase. Multiple collections can be added to a showcase.

Using Showcases as Digital Collectible Marketplaces

From your dashboard you can choose to make your showcase public by adding it to the marketplace. This will do three things:

  1. If your showcase has collectibles for sale within it, the showcase will show up in the public Cargo marketplace.

  2. Will allow you and anyone else to access the showcase with the link provided

  3. Give you the option to allow others to sell within your showcase.

  4. Allow you to optionally take a commission fee for items resold in your showcase.

While browsing a showcase you can view all the collectibles in the showcase as well as view only collectibles that are for sale.

Reselling and Commission Fees

If you choose you can allow others to put items for sale in your showcase. By default only you will be able to set collectibles for sale in your showcase and only collectibles from within chosen collections can be sold.

Let's use an example. Say you have created a popular collection of Digital Collectible Robots. A lot of different people own different robots from your collection. You can create a showcase and add you Digital Collectible Robots collection to it, but by default only you will be able to sell the robots that you own. If you'd like to allow everyone that owns a robot to sell it within your showcase you can enable that by switching the "Allow others to sell" toggle switch on.

Once you have turned on "Allow others to sell" your showcase will show up for users when they are planning to sell their collectible. They will be able to see that your showcase allows them to sell their robots within it and they will see what commission fee you have set.

Commission Fees

When allowing others to sell within your showcase you are able to set a commission fee that you will get for each item sold from your showcase. You can do this from the showcase detail page in your dashboard. You will need to submit a transaction on the blockchain to set the new fee. The reason for this is that Cargo uses smart contract technology on the blockchain to ensure that you will always get your specified commission for sales within your showcase.