Understanding Selling and Resale Items

One way Cargo enables new avenues of commerce is by making it easy to sell tokenized assets that you have created and resell tokenized assets that you have previously purchased. When you set an item for sale Cargo creates a Resale Item that tracks how much you are selling the token for, who is selling it, the token contract address, and the token ID. These resale items are tied to contracts which are tied to vendors which are tied to crates. This means that it's easy to query all the resale items within your crate to display to your consumers.

When you set a token for sale that token is transferred to the Cargo Sell contract, where it is securely stored until someone purchases it, or until you cancel the sale. When a token is purchased it will automatically be transferred to the buyer and the funds will be transferred to the Cargo Funds contract where they will be available for you to withdraw. If you are the vendor who created the token then you have the option to split the proceeds of the sale between all your specified beneficiaries. If you are not the vendor, or you are reselling the token then all the proceeds - less the 2% Cargo platform fee - will be available for you to withdraw.

Withdrawing Funds

The easiest way to withdraw your funds is to use the Cargo Dashboard. You can find the My Funds section at https://cargo.build//dashboard/my-funds. You will see a list of beneficiary IDs that are tied to you. You will also see the balance for each of the beneficiaries. If you have any funds available the total will be listed and the beneficiaries with funds available for withdrawal will be listed at the top of the list. You will also see a list item titles "Reseller wallet" - this keeps track of funds that you have earned from selling assets in which you were not a beneficiary. To withdraw funds click the "Withdraw" button on the tile you wish to withdraw funds. Then confirm the transfer via MetaMask.